Our Facility 

Rising Stars is a newly renovated child care center located in the heart of Annandale. Right off all major highways. With over 5,500 square feet and 7 rooms your child will have plenty of room to explore and play with our age appropriate toys. Our building is up to code with all Fairfax County laws. We also have a private playground that is only accessible to our children. 

Safety is the number one priority for our children, and we built Rising Stars with that in mind. Each infant room has an exit door incase of an emergency. A brand new sprinkler system was installed throughout the center. We have a locked private entrance that is only accessible to our parents and staff. The outside of the building has security cameras watching the premise. 

The center is cleaned daily and every Sunday a cleaning company does a deep cleaning. We encourage parents to come and take a tour of the facility.  

  • We are State and County Licensed. 
  • We have routine inspections by fire, safety, health, state, and county.