Our Rising Stars enjoying snacks on Pajama day. 

Our Rising Stars enjoying snacks on Pajama day. 

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"Rohina is an excellent daycare provider. Her daycare facility is first-rate, and she is warm, attentive, and loving with the kids. She's also a great cook! Our child clearly thrived with Rohina and we were very happy with her service. She encouraged our child to overcome her speech delay, and helped the kids develop respectful habits with each other. She also emphasizes reading and music. Her safe, caring, family-oriented daycare is truly ideal. If we had another child, we would utilize her services again, and wholeheartedly recommend her daycare services to anyone."

- Craig H.


"My daughter went to Rohina's from the time she was a couple of months old until she went to pre-school at age 3. She thrived at Rohina's house and established a special relationship with both Nina and her daughter. We received Nina's name based upon a recommendation from a friend and have recommended her to other friends. She's outstanding!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Jennifer W.                                                  

"Three of my kids attended Nina's day care, and I am pleased with the way she provided individual care to each and every one of my children. The environment at the day-care is conducive to one where children care for and respect each other, are fed home made food and are taught teamwork skills from the beginning. Nina also has reading hour everyday, where the kids sit in a circle and engage in identifying shapes, colors and patterns. Nina has been in the day-care business for 20+ years, and her experience is resonated in the way she deals with her daycare family. She gives love, care and respect and goes out of her way so that each child leaves the day-care with a smile on their face. I highly recommend her!!"

                                                                                          -Jessica E.

"We are so lucky that our son gets to spend each weekday with Rohina (Nina) and all his friends at her daycare. Over the last 2 years, he has thrived in her care - he has been with her since he was just over 2 months old, and we are amazed at how much he loves to be there each day. Nina cooks all the children (who eat solids) 3 home-cooked meals each day - and she makes sure that she serves numerous vegetables throughout the day. Our son loves her food and eats so well - even now as a picky toddler. She encourages a very inclusive and friendly environment for the kids - they all play together and have quickly learned how to share, help each other and be independent. She reinforces the most important values of caring, tolerance, patience and kindness. They love to play outside in her backyard and also have a great large play space in her house. She treats each child as a member of her family and has developed a wonderful relationship with not only our son but our whole family as well."

                                                                                         -Clare R.

"It is dauting and nervewracking to pick a daycare provider! Rohina (Nina as everyone calls her)
was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. We starting using her in November 2010, when our daughter was 11 weeks old. Our daughter still goes to Nina's and we will be seconding our second child starting in March. I can't speak highly enough about Nina. We completely trust her with our daughter. She has been in this business for 20 years, and has provided such great advice and has taken such great care of our daughter. Nina is loved by all the children, and our daughter is excited to see her everyday. The other thing I love about Nina is the food she prepares for the kids. She goes to the farmers market on the weekends, and so they have a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, and a lot of healthy rice and meat dishes (which are delicious -- I wish she would come cook at my house!). We are very happy with our decision tosend our child to Nina. We looked at many daycare centers and other in-home daycare, but I think we made the best choice for us."

                                                                                      - Lauren Y.


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