Nina's Story

Rohina, whose daycare kids lovingly call her by the nickname “Nina” has 25+ years of experience in childcare. Nina understands the challenges faced by parents who need to find and trust a loving and nurturing provider for their child. From Fairfax County school employees to state and federal employees, Nina has built trustworthy and lifelong relationships with numerous families in the Northern Virginia and DMV areas. Nina offers a diverse setting at Rising Stars Daycare and welcomes families from an array of backgrounds.

Nina will continue to utilize her childcare expertise and knowledge, while expanding her daycare facility from a home-based setting to a new center. Nina is passionate and invested in the children of the future; she wants to give her daycare children a head start and a strong foundation. Nina came up with the name of Rising Stars daycare because she believes every child, similar to a star, shines brightly in his or her own unique way. The daycare center will continue to have a home-based feel and will provide children with one-on-one attention.

Nina understands that investing in her staff is what makes a daycare facility a great place; her staff come from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of experience. She provides ongoing training to her staff to make sure they are knowledgeable in the following areas: children in development of children, child nutrition, crafts, primary skills for children, and inter-conflict between children.

Fun fact: Nina’s oldest alumni includes a UVA graduate who is currently in medical school!