See what parents are saying about Rising Stars:

September 2017

We were very happy to find Rising Stars! After being home for the 1st year, we wanted our daughter to go to the same in-home day care as her older brother but it was out of the way on our morning commute. After looking around, we decided on Rising Stars because from the beginning, we got a very homey feeling.

We were very happy with our choice! The staff was very loving and caring, taking great care of our daughter. She was very happy to go every day and would even start naming her teachers in the backseat as we got close to drop off. Rising Stars has the nice feeling of an in-home day care along with all the activities that are available at a center. The facility is great, spacious for activities for the kids plus they get some outside fun too. She always ate well from all the fresh food and the delicious meals provided. We would recommend Rising Stars to any young families!

Ricardo P./ Parent

october 2016

My daughter has been going here since may and she seems to really love it. She barely says good bye at the morning drop off. She says,"I play with Nina" randomly even when we are at home. Nina is the owner. It is so nice to have a tear free drop off!

Angel p./ Parent

September 2017

The teachers are wonderful, patient, kind and professional and I know our sons are in good hands. Our oldest does arts and crafts, music class, circle time, outdoor play time, takes naps(!!), and I know that he's thriving around his peers. 

Rising Stars has brought in members of the community to speak to the children, and my son loved listening to policeman Tom, firefighter Gary, and the doctor. We couldn't be happier and we are so thankful!

Monika h./ parent

january 2018

This place passed my wife's scrutiny, which is very rigid. Healthy meals, great teachers, and my both my children loves/loved this place. I highly recommend this daycare. We were lucky to find this place.

Thomas L./ Parent

June 2017

Rising Stars is great- all the teachers seem to really love kids, which is what you want for your child. My daughter is always happy to be dropped off. She loves music and dancing, and is such a happy girl- thanks to Nina! The facility is beautiful, new and decorated so cute! The kids are always happily playing, and I'm always amazed at how well behaved they all are.

Melissa g./ Parent

March 2017

We were so thankful that we found this amazing daycare for our first son. Nina and the whole staff are just awesome.

Shane p./ Parent